Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm Officially a Blogger

So, today is my first official blogging day! I created my blog about an hour ago thanks to the wonderful help of my beautiful roommate, Ashley Valli. There are so many color choices and styles to pick from when formatting things, and I became a little overwhelmed...But besides that fact, I think mine looks pretty sweet so far! Today was Easter Sunday, and I hope that everyone had enjoyed this wonderful holiday as much as I did. I went to the Valli's home, and had a delicious homemade meal and enjoyed the company of wonderful people. My sleeping schedule is very messed up right now, and I just ate the amount of sugar that 33 people should consume in one year's time period, so I am not tired. Plus, I feel sick and just want to barf.

I can't believe that my freshman college year is almost over! Two more actually makes me kind of sad. No, let's be real. REALLY sad! It will be so hard to say goodbye to everyone. Yes, I will see people next year but some of my best guy friends are leaving on missions. Although this is a WONDERFUL thing, it will be hard to not see them for two years! This weekend was so great. I became a True Aggie on Friday night! I will try to post some pictures once I figure that out. Then on Saturday night, we had a big slumber party and pulled 3 of our mattresses out into the living room and had watched scary movies! It was great. I love my roommates, and am extremely blessed to have been assigned to live with them. I was thinking about how the decision to come to Utah State was by far one of the best ones that I have ever made. I couldn't imagine my college experience being spent anywhere else! I love it here, and am going to study super hard this week to prepare for finals! In order to do that, I need to catch some zzzz's so I better head off to bed. Ciao!


  1. cutest thing ive ever seen, less then 2 weeks, holla!

  2. teach me how to blogger,teach me, teach me how to blogger. :) bahahaha